Insight To Help You Restore Your Home’s Roof Overhang After A Pest Infestation

Pests and wildlife can wreak havoc on your home's exterior, building nests and causing damage to the exterior and interior structure of your home's aluminum or vinyl siding. When you find that a pest has made a nest within your home's protective exterior, you will need to remove them as soon as possible and clean up any damage and residue they leave behind. Here are some tips to help you get your home's roof and overhang back into good repair. Read More 

Spray Foam Is Great For Flat Roofs

If you have a flat roof, you should know how important it is to maintain a watertight seal. Flat roofs have to deal with standing water and (possibly) ice buildup. So, if your roof sheathing and material are not waterproof, you could compromise your building and end up with structural issues that will be much more expensive to repair. This article looks at spray foam, one of the most popular materials commonly used on flat roofs. Read More 

Late Season Snowstorms, Dangers To Roofs, Roofers, And You

Late season snowstorms have pummeled the Midwest and Northeast. Cities and states were blasted with several feet of snow at a time when most residents were watching the leaves of their flowers sprout from the ground. While this is a truly defeating and frustrating event, it is nothing compared to what that much snow can do to your roof. The multiple dangers to your roof require immediate attention, and roofing services can help. Read More 

4 Roofing Maintenance Tips To Prevent Wear And Extend Life Of Materials

Good maintenance routines are important to prevent damage and wear of your roofing. There are simple things that can be done like cleaning debris from trees off your roof, as well as extra precautions like installing zinc strips to stop fungus from growing. Here are some roof maintenance tips that will help prevent wear and damage to your roofing to extend the life of materials: 1. Cleaning Your Roof Correctly Without Causing Damage Read More 

3 Ways To Evaluate Roofing Warranties

When you hire a roof installation company, you are going to want to look closely at the roofing company's warranty. You are going to want to look into the warranty that comes with the products and supplies, as well as the warranty that backs up the work done on your roof. Supply Warranty The first thing that you want to look at is the length of the warranty that comes with the supplies that are used on your roof. Read More