spring roofing maintenance checklist

Oh, The Surprises You’ll Find! Unexpected Benefits Of Roof Cleaning

It is not often that homeowners decide to clean their roofs. It is one of those "out of sight, out of mind" projects that are rarely completed unless you get up on a ladder and actually look at your roof. If you do finally decide to clean the roof, you may be very surprised at what you will find: Holes in the Roof There are only a few things stranger and more perturbing as discovering a few little holes in your roof while cleaning it. Read More 

Buying A Home? Know About Potential Roof Damage

Part of the home buying process is getting an inspection to find anything wrong with the home that could be a red flag. However, the home inspection doesn't come until after you have made an offer and are somewhat committed to buying the home. There are some red flags that you can catch early on about a roof that will tell you if it is in good or bad shape: Read More 

How To Prevent A Partial Roofing Collapse By Repairing Leaks

Having a partially collapsed roof can be an upsetting situation, and it can easily turn into a disaster during the worst time of the year. Large amounts of snowfall, strong winds, and even tornadoes can damage the roof foundation and cause the whole thing to collapse. To avoid this from happening, any damage to part of the roof should be treated immediately. Prevalent leakage is a clear sign that your roof is deteriorating. Read More 

Partially Sunny: Three Steps To Picking A Patio Roof

When you buy a newly constructed house, your new roof will also come with a warranty. A warranty can set your mind at ease, as you will be able to get any issue with the roof repaired without having to come out of pocket. Although you may not have to deal with roof problems, you may have to deal with roofing if you want to build extra structures. Whether you live in a rainy environment or a sunny environment, a roof over the patio can make lounging outside more popular. Read More 

Various Problems That Tell You That Your Home Roof Needs To Be Repaired

When you own a home, you have to make sure that you are staying alert so you can spot any potential problems that could endanger the entire structure of your home. Such problems include roofing issues. If you are wondering what type of issues indicate that there is a problem with your roof, you will want to keep reading. Signs that tell you that it is time to call in an expert roofer include: Read More