Common Roofing Problems And Questions

Roofing issues are something that every homeowner should be prepared to address. When homeowners do not have all of the basic information about roof damage and repairs, it can put the entire home at a greater risk of being damaged. What Factors Will Be The Greatest Source Of Damage To The Roof? Storms and pests will be the most common sources of damage to residential roofs. Storms can remove the shingles or tiles with high winds, or they may create punctures in the roof with flying debris or falling hail. Read More 

3 Tips To Make Your Terra-cotta Roof More Fire Resistant

If you are getting a new roof, you may want to invest in tileā€”like terra-cotta. Tile roofs are beautiful, eco-friendly, and durable. If you live in an area that's prone to wildfire, they are a great choice. However, these roofs are fire resistant, not fireproof. With all of the wildfires ravaging states like California, ABC News says that homeowners need to buckle down on roof maintenance, since it's one of the most vulnerable areas of the home. Read More 

Why Roofs Have So Many Layers (And Other Residential Roofing Installation Questions)

If you are staring a new residential roofing installation in the proverbial face for the first time, you may have lots of questions about roofing. Looking at your estimates from various roofing contractors, you will see several types of roofing materials listed. These materials are necessary for creating an effective layered roof. However, you may be quite curious as to why the roof has to be layered at all. You may have some other residential roofing installation and construction questions, too. Read More 

How Your Building And Roofing Design Can Affect Shingle Durability

Roofing shingles don't have an excellent reputation as far as roof durability is concerned, but in some cases, it is the things people do that deteriorate their roofs fast. For example, the design of a home or roof can affect the durability of the shingles on the roof. Here are some of the ways in which this can happen. The Slope of the Roof Although asphalt shingles can be installed on a variety of roof slopes, they deteriorate faster on some roofs than others. Read More 

Is A Liquid Rubber Roof A Good Idea For Your Barn Roof Replacement?

When you have other structures on your property that you have to keep roofed just the same as your home, it can be quite costly to upkeep everything. This is especially true if you have a barn that houses livestock or machinery, because a barn can have a large flat roof that requires special attention and materials. One of the options you are bound to come across when you are investigating the less expensive options for your barn roof is liquid rubber roofing. Read More