Can You Install Your Own Vinyl Siding?

Some of the most cost effective home remodels are those that are done on the exterior. An exterior remodel will instantly increase the curb appeal and ultimate value of your property. One of the smartest exterior remodel projects is to invest in vinyl siding. It is a very affordable product that is even more cost effective if you install it on your own. Installing vinyl siding is fairly simple. This article explains the process so you will know what to expect before you make the investment. Read More 

How To Repair Water Damaged Fascia Boards

The structural stability and aesthetic style of your roof largely depends on your fascia boards. The fascia board is usually the most visible part of the roofline. It is the horizontal board that faces directly outward. Often, vinyl siding is hung directly from the fascia boards. If your roof has a gutter, the brackets are usually mounted directly on the fascia. So, if the fascia board is old, soggy or warped, your gutter system could have problems. Read More 

Ventilate Your House With A House Fan To Cut AC Bills

Running an AC unit day and night for several months out of the year can put a real strain on your budget. You might think that it is the only way to keep your home cool, but you might be wrong. If you live in an area that gets significantly cooler during the night, you might be able to give your AC unit and your wallet a break by finding a way to pump the cooler outside air into your home. Read More 

Are Architectural Or 3-Tab Shingles A Better Choice?

If you've decided to have a new shingle roof put on your home, you have a choice to make: do you want regular, 3-tab shingles or architectural ones? While 3-tab shingles provide a classic, look, the uneven look of architectural shingles is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Neither style of shingle is perfect for every homeowner. Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision. How tight is your budget? Read More 

4 Benefits Of Having A Green Roof

If you are looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, having a green roof is a great way to accomplish that. A green roof, sometimes referred to as a living roof, is one that is covered in various plants and vegetation. It provides many benefits, from offering energy savings to cleaning the nearby area. Here are some advantages to having a green roof. You Use Less Energy Green roofs effectively provide energy savings, both in reducing the amount of energy you need to cool off your building in the summer, and by reducing your monthly energy bill. Read More