Types Of Roofing Wind Damage And How It Can Be Avoided

If you have a roof in a windy area, then you should know that wind can cause a great deal of roofing damage. There are a few types of damage that are most common, and there are some things that your roofing contractor can do to keep them from occurring. Keep reading to learn about the damage and how it is prevented. Wind Uplift When the wind blows, it rarely hits the roof from the top down. Read More 

Four Benefits Of Rubber Shingles

Rubber shingles are a unique type of roofing material that, as their name would suggest, consist of rubber cut into shingles and then layered over one another to form a waterproof barrier on your property. Rubber roofing shingles are well-suited for peaked roofs on both residential and commercial properties. Due to their unique material construction, rubber shingles have a number of distinctive advantages over traditional asphalt shingles. Understanding what rubber shingles have to offer can help you determine if installing a rubber shingled roof on your property is the best fit for your roofing needs. Read More 

Selecting A Roofing Material? Narrow It Down To One Of These Three Materials

If your home needs to have a new roof put on it, know that you've been given an opportunity to transform your roof with whatever type of roofing material you want. If you feel a bit overwhelmed with the options available to you, start by narrowing it down to one of these three materials. Metal Metal is not just a material that is used for commercial buildings or garages, since it can be a great choice for a residential home due to several reasons. Read More 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Built-Up Roofing

As their name would suggest, built up roofs are made out of several layers of tar, fabric sheets, and gravel that forms a waterproof and durable seal over the roof of your property, which is then usually covered with a material to seal it against the elements – commonly gravel, but sometimes other types of broken up rocks and materials. Built-up roofs an extremely distinctive type of roofing solution, and as such it carries a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Read More 

How A Deck Enhances Your Home Life And Ideas For Designing One

If your home is starting to feel small for your family and you can't afford a room addition, then you should think about having a deck built. A deck gives you an outdoor living space, and it's much less expensive than adding a full addition to your home. Here's how a deck can enhance your home and some ideas for building one. Why Your Home Needs A Deck A deck is an attractive addition to a home. Read More