It’s Just A Small Tear: 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Put Off Repairing A Damaged Roof

If you have a small tear in one section of your asphalt shingles, you might think that the damage can wait for repairs. Technically, that might be true. However, realistically, you can expect some serious problems if you postpone the repairs. The fact is that even minor issues will escalate into major concerns if the problem is ignored long enough. Here are four serious problems you'll face if you don't take care of those minor roof repairs right away.

1. Your Shingles Will Rot

When you look at the affected shingle, you might just see a small tear. However, the longer that tear remains, the more serious the damage will become. That's because the damaged area will spread, and as it spreads, it will rot. The affected shingle will become brittle and begin to deteriorate. Eventually, the damage will spread to surrounding shingles, until you have an entire area that needs to be replaced. You can limit the damage by replacing the torn shingle as soon as you notice the problem.

2. Your Subfloor Will Suffer

If you don't take care of the damage to the shingle quickly, and the problem spreads to the surrounding area, your subfloor will begin to suffer. The subfloor is the plywood surface below the shingles. During rain, your damaged shingles won't be able to keep the moisture away from the subfloor, which means the wood will suffer water damage. Once the sun begins to beat down during the summer, the exposed subfloor will begin to suffer from heat damage and wood rot. Eventually, you'll need to have portions of the subfloor replaced.

3. Your Home Will Be Invaded

In addition to the shingle and subfloor damage that your roof will endure, postponing the repairs will also put you at risk for pest invasions. Your roof does more than keep the elements out of your home, it also keeps the pests out. Once pests such as roaches find the damaged area of your roof, they'll use that area as an access point to your home. Not only that, but birds will cause further damage to your roof in an attempt to locate the bugs.

4. Your Repair Costs Will Escalate

When you postpone minor roof repairs, you won't just be dealing with additional damage, you'll also be dealing with escalating repair costs. That's because each additional problem will require separate repairs. You can keep the repair costs manageable, and avoid the additional damage, by taking care of all roof repairs in a timely manner.

For more information, contact a local roofing repair company.