How A Deck Enhances Your Home Life And Ideas For Designing One

If your home is starting to feel small for your family and you can't afford a room addition, then you should think about having a deck built. A deck gives you an outdoor living space, and it's much less expensive than adding a full addition to your home. Here's how a deck can enhance your home and some ideas for building one.

Why Your Home Needs A Deck

A deck is an attractive addition to a home. You and the builder can create a design of your choice and use materials that complement your home and property. A deck looks nice, and it could add value to your home too, making your home more appealing to buyers one day. The best thing about having a deck is that it's like having another room for your house. You can use the space for outdoor cooking, entertaining, dining, or just to lounge and relax in the breeze. Even the underside of a deck can be valuable if the deck is high enough off the ground. You can use the space for storage of seasonal equipment and gardening supplies.

How To Come Up With A Design

You may want a small rectangular deck that is the size of a small room, but you might also want a sweeping deck that is built around mature trees, or that has multiple levels. Start by roping off the area of your yard where you envision the deck will be. This helps you choose the right size for the deck so that it provides enough room without overwhelming your yard.

You can mark space for a grill, tables, lounge chairs and benches using realistic measurements, so you can visualize the flow around the furniture and how much space they actually need. A deck builder may supply you with plans that have already been designed that you can choose from, or you can opt to have custom plans made depending on your budget and type of deck you want.

Ways To Incorporate A Deck Into Your Backyard

Consider different ideas when you're designing your deck that work with your lifestyle. You might want a deck to have multiple levels so that it can double as a pool deck for an above ground pool. You may want plumbing and electrical outlets installed too so that you can have an outdoor kitchen on your deck that allows you to cook and dine outside just as easily as you can in your indoor kitchen.

A roof or some means of providing shade might be needed so you can use the deck and be protected from rain and UV rays. Building a deck around a tree rather than removing the tree is another way to get some shade. You might want a hot tub built into the deck or an outdoor bar for a place to watch sports games. Think about the things you love to do and then come up with a design that allows you to do it so you'll use your deck often and get good use from your investment.

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