Spray Foam Is Great For Flat Roofs

If you have a flat roof, you should know how important it is to maintain a watertight seal. Flat roofs have to deal with standing water and (possibly) ice buildup. So, if your roof sheathing and material are not waterproof, you could compromise your building and end up with structural issues that will be much more expensive to repair. This article looks at spray foam, one of the most popular materials commonly used on flat roofs. It will help you figure out if it is going to be the most practical and low maintenance product to own.

Spray Foam Coatings

First of all, many people make the decision based on the style of the material. However, since many flat roofs are not visible, and hardly ever seen or walked on, some building owners don't really care what it looks like. That is, they are more concerned about having a practical waterproof product. Spray foam is usually white, which is a great color for a flat roof. But it is also a material that can be easily painted.

If this is your main concern, spray foam is one of the best solutions because it is extremely affordable, long-lasting, waterproof, easy to clean, and insulating. Basically, spray foam roof will not need any special attention over time. Spray foam is a thin rubbery layer that can go directly on top of your existing roof deck. This means that the cost of labor is minimal. It will also seal small cracks and holes in your existing roof deck, which can help reduce the amount of prep work that is necessary before your new product is installed.

Spray Foam as a Base Layer

One of the best things about spray foam is that it can be the outer material, or you can install a new roofing material on top of it. For instance, after your spray foam is applied, you could have asphalt tiles installed for a little texture and color. Spray foam is usually white, which provides great insulation and protection for hot and sunny climates. But, adding an asphalt tile product on top of your spray foam surface will further insulate your roof, and it can be particularly effective in cold weather.

Spray foam solutions are affordable, eco-friendly, and low maintenance. It is easy to understand why, to many homeowners, it is by far the best solution for a flat roof. Visit a website like http://www.dodgefoamandcoatings.com to learn more.