Clean-Up And Maintenance Tips To Get Your Roof Ready For Spring

Your roofing shingles protect your home and its interior, and you should keep them clean and protected for a long-lasting and sound roof. Here are some tips for some springtime cleaning and maintenance to ensure a long life for your shingles.

Clean Your Roof

Remove Debris

After the weather has warmed up a bit and your roof no longer contains icy patches, safely access your roof to clear off any wind-blown and accumulated debris. When you leave debris on your roof to sit for longer periods of time, the debris traps moisture onto the roofing shingles, which causes decay on the shingles and premature aging. Your shingles can begin to curl and lift from excess moisture held between their layers.

Pick up and remove any branches, twigs, and large pieces of debris. Use your garden hose to rinse smaller debris, such as leaves, dirt, and silt from the surface of your roof. Using your garden hose instead of a broom will prevent damage to the shingles' surface, and be sure to spray downward on your roof, so water does not push up under the shingles.

Remove Moss and Algae

When you live in an area of the country with more humidity in the air, the surface of your shingles can begin to grow moss and algae. Besides leaving discolored streaks and patches on your roof this type of growth can lead to an early break-down of your shingles, requiring you to replace them sooner than normal. Cleaning these growths from your shingles can stop the damage and should be completed as soon as you notice it.

You can hire a roofing professional to clean the growth from your roof or mix up a solution of bleach and water to treat the problem. Be sure to complete this cleaning on an overcast day to minimize the heat of the sun, then spray your roof with water first before applying the solution to cool it off. Also, spray down any vegetation below your roof's edge with your garden hose to help protect it from the bleach solution.

Use a garden pump spray to apply the solution over the roof and let it sit for several minutes. Finish the process by rinsing the solution from the roof with your garden hose. Rinse your ground vegetation also to remove any bleach solution.

Prevent Moss and Algae Re-Growth

Copper and zinc are metals toxic to algae and moss and when they are present on your roof will prevent growth on your roofing materials. Areas of the United States with higher humidity can allow these to grow on your roof.

To prevent their returning after cleaning them from your roof, you can install a copper metal strip across the ridge of your roof, install flashing, or upgrade your roof to a shingle that is resistant to moss and algae growth. This type of shingle contains small particles of copper within the asphalt granules, which combines with rain runoff to prevent algae and moss growth. Talk to your roofing professional about having these shingles installed on your roof to prevent this problem from reoccurring.

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