Why You Need Gutter Guards, And How To Select The Best

Gutter guards are used for covering gutters so that they don't get clogged with debris. Getting the right gutter guard can protect your house from water-related damages.

Why You Need Gutter Guards

Gutter Protection

One of the primary reasons for installing a gutter guard is to protect the gutters. Without the guards, all debris that falls on the gutter will collect within it, and pretty soon the gutter will be clogged and weighed down with debris. Depending on the weight of the collected debris, the gutters can even fall apart at the seams or detach from their fasteners. Installing a gutter guard protects your gutters from all these.

Roof Protection

The gutter guards also protect the roof from water damage. If your gutters are chockfull of debris, water from the roof may seep back under the roof instead of flowing along the gutters. In the long run, the water may rot and corrode the roof and cause internal water damage.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping gutters clean is necessary whether or not they are covered with gutter guards. However, the period between the necessary cleaning sessions will be longer if the gutters are covered. Not only that, but gutters weighed down with debris also experience more corrosion and leakage than protected gutters. This means maintaining a gutter system with guards leads to easy maintenance.

Factors to Consider

As you can see, you need to install guards on your gutters if you don't already have them. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing gutter guards:

Type of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards come in different types; here are a few examples of the most common ones:

·         Screens – these are mesh systems that allow water to pass through but block other debris; the size of the mesh determines the debris it can keep out

·         Surface tension- prevents all kinds of debris from getting into the gutter; water runs into the gutter while the debris slides over

·         Bottlebrush – has brittles that trap larger debris to

Maintenance of the Gutter Guards

Gutter guards differ in their complexities; the more complex a gutter guard is the more maintenance it will require. The main job of a gutter guard is to keep out debris; a simple guard that does all that is good enough.

Material of Gutter Guards

The common gutter guard materials include vinyl, copper, and aluminum, among others. All of these have their pros and cons; for example, steel may be long lasting while vinyl is relatively affordable. Talk to your roofing contractor to see if they have any specific recommendations.