Considering A Spray Foam Roof? Know The Truth Behind These Five Myths

Do you have a roof with a flat or low slope roof? If so, it is ideal for using foam roofing material. You may be hesitant to using foam roofing because of some myths about the material. Here is the truth behind five of those myths.

Myth 1: Foam Isn't A Good Insulator

Spray foam can be one of the best insulating materials out there for a roof, which makes it ideal for colder climates that can benefit from the additional insulation. The cell structure of the spray foam gives it a higher R-value than other roofing materials, which means it has more thermal resistance. Spray foam is also much better than foam insulation boards, because spray foam lacks the seams between boards that allow cold air and moisture to seep through the material.

Myth 2: Foam Is Expensive

You'll find that spray foam roofing material is cheaper than competing materials. You can expect to pay between $3 - $5 for each square foot of your roof that needs coverage. Competing materials, such as concrete, clay, or wood, start at $5.

The price of using spray foam is also consistent when compared to other materials. For example, asphalt shingles are made with oil, which has a fluctuating price that depends on how much a barrel of oil is selling for.

Myth 3: Foam Isn't Durable

Don't make the mistake of believing that a spray foam roof will not be durable. You can expect to get 30 years out of your spray foam roofing material, which beats out other materials in a comparable price range. Spray foam lasts as long as it does due to the bond that forms with the supporting layer it is installed on. Wind won't be able to get under the foam, and water won't get underneath it.

Myth 4: Foam Absorbs Water

One of the benefits of spray foam that has been properly installed is that water won't be able to penetrate the material. Water can't seep into the foam if it's submerged under water. This makes it an ideal choice for a roof in any climate that sees a lot of rain.

Myth 5: Foam Can't Be Walked On

Spray foam roofing material has enough strength to support the weight of people walking across the surface. It allows you to easily perform roof maintenance, since the material will no break easily from the added pressure.

Reach out to a roofing contractor, like Durafoam Roofing LLC , for more information about using spray foam roofing for your home.