Oh, The Surprises You’ll Find! Unexpected Benefits Of Roof Cleaning

It is not often that homeowners decide to clean their roofs. It is one of those "out of sight, out of mind" projects that are rarely completed unless you get up on a ladder and actually look at your roof. If you do finally decide to clean the roof, you may be very surprised at what you will find:

Holes in the Roof

There are only a few things stranger and more perturbing as discovering a few little holes in your roof while cleaning it. The water sinks through and starts leaking through the ceilings in your home. If you have someone in your attic during the cleaning process, you can discover exactly where these holes are.

Bees' Nests

Bees love nooks and crannies in roof material. Their favorite spots are the nooks around old chimneys. Of course, if you clean your roof you will undoubtedly stir up the hive to a maddening frenzy, and that is when you will spot them! Bees do not like being hosed with water, and they will exit the hive to find out who is responsible. Best duck and cover, and then call pest control while you are at it!

Trees Taking Root

If you have enough rotting debris on the roof, it creates just enough soil for maple seeds and other tree seeds to take root. You will find these while you are cleaning. They will look like tiny tree weeds with a root system going down into the debris and twining through under a couple shingles. If you are really careful, you can gently pull these out. If they are stuck fast, you will need a roofer's help so that you do not yank shingles off along with the very young tree(s).

Squirrel Nests

If you have large trees that overhang the roof, you may encounter squirrels' nests too. Squirrels have two kinds of nests; the ones that store food, and the ones where squirrels curl up and go to sleep at night. On roofs, it is usually the first type, but squirrels have been known to build nests in the gutters too. You can remove the nests, but make sure you throw them away rather than just drop them on the ground so that the squirrels do no rescue the bits and bring them back to the roof. Better yet, cut down the trees that overhang the roof so that the squirrels cannot jump from the limbs to the roof.

Contact a roof cleaning service for more information and assistance.