Partially Sunny: Three Steps To Picking A Patio Roof

When you buy a newly constructed house, your new roof will also come with a warranty. A warranty can set your mind at ease, as you will be able to get any issue with the roof repaired without having to come out of pocket. Although you may not have to deal with roof problems, you may have to deal with roofing if you want to build extra structures. Whether you live in a rainy environment or a sunny environment, a roof over the patio can make lounging outside more popular. Here are three steps to selecting a clear patio roof. 

Decide on dome versus tilted versus flat

Depending on the size of the patio that you have, you will need to select between a dome shaped roof or a tilted roof. A domed roof can be good if you have a large or wide patio. This means that you won't have to start the patio roof too high in order to make sure that the ceiling remains high enough for walking. A flat roof can work for all patio sizes, however, there may be more poles to support the weight of the high panels than with a domed ceiling or a slanted ceiling which can cut into walking paths. A clear, domed roof can easily provide proper overhead structure, but likely be a more expensive structure due to the customized shape. 

Consider side walls

When you are installing a roof on the patio, you should also consider a side wall. If you live in a town home or you are close to your neighbors and have no fencing, a clear side wall can be a good way to get some privacy. Though the side wall is clear, you can install tinting so that the side flanks of your patio area are clear. If you would prefer to keep the sides clear, you can install a curtain the sides via a rod. You can close the rod when you want extra privacy and open the curtains to let more light in the patio. 

Permanent versus temporary

if you are thinking of the resale value of your home or the ability to switch up your decorating style, you will need to determine if you want a permanent clear roof or a roof that can be taken down. For a permanent roof, you can install cement beams to hold up the roof. If you put down the beams, this will be permanent, so be sure that the current roof type is what you need long term. If you want to the ability to make a new decision, you can use poles that are affixed, yet can be taken up.  

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