3 Improvements to Gutters that Your Home from Structural Damage & Costly Repairs

Gutters can be a valuable investment that protects your home, or they may contribute to problems. Making the right choice of improvements for your gutters is important to protect your home from water and structural damage. Ice dams, wear of shingles and leaks around gutters can cause more damage to your home. Here are some of the best improvements for gutters to save your home from potentially costly damage repairs:

1. Good Gutter Guards That Protect Your Home from Damage

There are many choices of guards that improve your gutters by keeping debris out of them and helping to prevent ice dams. The most basic of gutter guards are those that are a type of heavy-duty screen that keeps debris out of the gutters; these may require maintenance and an occasional cleaning to ensure they are working properly. Other gutter guards have improved designs with solid metal or synthetic materials that allow snow and debris to flow over the gutters; preventing problems with debris buildup and ice dams on roofs.

2. Seamless Gutters That Are Less Likely to Leak & Cause Damage

The seams are another problem that homeowners face with gutters. These seams are wear sections of gutters are jointed and sealed. The joints are also likely to develop leaks and other problems that can cause serious damage to your home. To prevent damage to your home, it is a better choice to invest in seamless gutters, which are made to fit and have fewer problems with leaks or separation from the eaves. Have any long sections of gutters replaced with seamless gutters to prevent these problems.

3. Professionally Installed Gutter Drainage to Prevent Damage to Foundations

The drainage of gutters near the foundation of your home also causes damage. The poor drainage of downspouts may be the cause of erosion, foundation cracks and other problems. To prevent foundation damage caused by gutters, have the gutters professionally installed with drainage lines the empty away from the foundation of your home. You may want to consider having a dry well area where drainage from the roof and landscaping can be contained to prevent static pressure from too much ground water near the foundation of your home.

With the right improvements to the gutters on your home, you will be able to prevent damage to your home. Contact a metal roofing service and talk with them about gutter guards and other improvements that can help save your home.