Can You Install Your Own Vinyl Siding?

Some of the most cost effective home remodels are those that are done on the exterior. An exterior remodel will instantly increase the curb appeal and ultimate value of your property. One of the smartest exterior remodel projects is to invest in vinyl siding. It is a very affordable product that is even more cost effective if you install it on your own. Installing vinyl siding is fairly simple. This article explains the process so you will know what to expect before you make the investment.

Figuring Out the Physical Requirements of the Job

Perhaps the first thing you should consider is if you are going to be able to actually carry and transport the vinyl. Vinyl is sold in small packs that are designed with the consumer in mind. You can easily transport them to a joist with a pickup truck or van. The actual vinyl planks are not particularly heavy, especially when you compare them to hardwood planks. However, they are still very long and awkward to carry. You also have to remember that you will be installing your vinyl while climbing up and down a ladder. This obviously makes it much more difficult to handle. To get a good idea of how difficult it is to carry and install vinyl, you can actually go look at the packages in a home improvement store.

The Design of your Home

You should also closely consider the design of your exterior walls. If your home has a basic design with mostly flat walls and square edges, vinyl should not be too hard to install. However, if you have curved walls, rounded edges, and an angled gable roof, vinyl installation will be much more complicated.

Your Sidewall Material

Lastly, you should consider what type of walls you have. Installing vinyl siding over wooden walls is usually the easiest because the anchor pieces can be securely screwed into the wood. Stucco walls are usually easy as well, but you need to use special drillbits to secure the anchors through the stucco. Installing on solid brick or concrete walls requires a little more work. You basically use the same technique, but you need to use stronger, pneumatic drills because the sidewalls are so much harder and denser.

You should consider all of these factors and then decide whether your vinyl is best left to the professionals or if you can handle it on your own.

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