How To Repair Water Damaged Fascia Boards

The structural stability and aesthetic style of your roof largely depends on your fascia boards. The fascia board is usually the most visible part of the roofline. It is the horizontal board that faces directly outward. Often, vinyl siding is hung directly from the fascia boards. If your roof has a gutter, the brackets are usually mounted directly on the fascia. So, if the fascia board is old, soggy or warped, your gutter system could have problems. This becomes even more problematic if your gutter does not drain correctly and overflows, causing the fascia board to get waterlogged. This article explains how to repair a wooden fascia board on a home with vinyl siding that has water damage.

Removing the Gutter

If your gutter is mounted directly onto the fascia board, you will need to remove it before you begin. This does not mean you need to remove the actual gutter mounting brackets. Usually, you can get the job done by just taking the gutter off but leaving the brackets in place and working around them. Removing the gutter requires two or three workers. You want to try and lift the gutter out of the brackets, without kinking it.

Check the Brackets

Once the gutter is removed, the first thing you should do is check the integrity of the brackets. Just grab the bracket with your finger and give it a little wiggle. If it feels solid, then there's nothing to worry about. However, if the bracket does wiggle, you will need to patch the wood and put new screws in place.

Using Exterior Wood Putty

It is important that you use exterior wood putty to patch any holes or areas where the grain has opened up. But, before you apply the putty, you need to lightly sand the surface with a sponge sander. This just lightly removes any loose wood or sawdust on the damaged area. Then, wipe it down with a wet rag and wait for the wood to dry completely before applying the putty. It is important that you pack the putty deep into the damaged area so there are no cavities underneath.

The putty will not dry perfectly flat, so you'll need to come back later and resand it. You can effectively drive screws directly into patched wood. This simple repair is vital, not only for the well-being and functionality of your gutter system, but also to the exterior look of your home.

If your roof line is saggy, faded or simply looking old and weathered, you should definitely consider removing your gutters and fixing any blemishes in your fascia board.

If you feel you cannot do the repair on your own, contact professional roofing companies, such as Standard Roofing & Exteriors Ltd, for assistance.