Ventilate Your House With A House Fan To Cut AC Bills

Running an AC unit day and night for several months out of the year can put a real strain on your budget. You might think that it is the only way to keep your home cool, but you might be wrong. If you live in an area that gets significantly cooler during the night, you might be able to give your AC unit and your wallet a break by finding a way to pump the cooler outside air into your home. A house fan will do just that. 

The Difference between a House Fan and a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan simply circulates air around one room in your house. While air movement can be helpful in cooling a room down, a ceiling fan will not be nearly as effective as a house fan. The difference is that workers install a house fan by cutting a hole in your ceiling between the attic and the upper floor of your house. The house fan is then sized for the square footage of your house. Once installed it can vent heat right out of your house through the attic. 

How a House Fan Cools Your Home

In contrast to an AC unit which must cool the air inside your house a little at a time, a house fan simply evacuates the hot air from your house. Once the outside temperatures begin to fall in the evening, you can open your windows and the house fan will pump cool, fresh air into your home. A correctly sized house fan can fill your house with a whole new batch of air in a matter of minutes. Not only can it cool your home faster than an AC unit, but it will also use 90% less energy than an AC unit. Thus, by running your house fan through the night, you can put a real dent in your cooling costs. 

A further benefit of a house fan is that it will cool the very structure of your home. This cooled structure will then act as a temperature reservoir to keep your home cooler into the day, which will decrease the need to run your AC unit during the morning. It might cost extra money to install a house fan in your home, but ventilation can be just as effective as air conditioning at cooling your home if it is designed right and used properly. Talk to an HVAC business, such as Belgrave Enterprises, about how you can use a house fan in your home.