4 Benefits Of Having A Green Roof

If you are looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, having a green roof is a great way to accomplish that. A green roof, sometimes referred to as a living roof, is one that is covered in various plants and vegetation. It provides many benefits, from offering energy savings to cleaning the nearby area. Here are some advantages to having a green roof.

You Use Less Energy

Green roofs effectively provide energy savings, both in reducing the amount of energy you need to cool off your building in the summer, and by reducing your monthly energy bill. With vegetation and ground cover on your roof, you have a way to naturally cool off the roof, which then cools off the inside of your home. This reduces how much you need to turn on your air conditioner in the hot spring and summer months and saves you a good deal of money. It also helps you lower your carbon footprint by not running the air conditioner as often.

The Roof Provides Better Oxygen

Did you know that plants can actually help to reduce the pollution in your city? This is especially important if you live in a downtown area where it is mostly buildings and very view trees, plants, and gardens. You can have a green roof that is covered in greenery, which is helping to offer your neighbors increased oxygen and better air quality. You might even encourage nearby homes and businesses do the same thing, offering clean air for everyone to enjoy.

You Can Have a Beautiful Garden

If you work with a roofing contractor, you can build a stronger foundation for the roof so it is stable enough to not only hold the flowers and plants, but also create a garden you enjoy sitting on. Build a set of stairs that go from your back patio to your roof and set up benches on the roof. This works great if you have a flat roof, as you can even fit a small table and create your dream garden right on the top of your roof.

Any Type of Roof Can be Green

While many people who have green roofs have a flat roof, you can also have one with sloped roofs. Instead of having a garden, you will simply use ground cover over the sloped areas of your roof and get many of the same benefits. If you have a sloped roof, talk to local roofers about your options.