Building Pole Barns In Dothan, AL.

My brother recently purchased a house out in the country because he was tired of living in the city. I was glad that he moved into the country because now he has room to store our boat on his property. We pulled the boat to his house, but quickly realized it was going to get rained on, and become very dirty. After purchasing a brand new house, my brother did not have enough money to build a garage. One of his neighbors knew about his situation and suggested that he build a pole barn instead. My brother loved the idea, and began to research pole barns in Dothan, AL. All of the pole barns in Dothan, AL had been built by the same contractor, and were therefore the exact same. My brother did not want to have the same exact pole barn as everybody else, so he decided to build his own. With the help of family members, my brother was able to build his very own pole barn. The best part about the pole barn was that our boat could be stored under it without getting rained on. When I move into the country, the first thing that I am going to do his build a pole barn.